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Packing Process

Arsenic Trioxide[ORDER]
Another name: arsenous anhydride; White arsenic
(Molecular) formula: As2O3
(Molecular) weight: 197.84
UN NO.: 1561
Hazard class NO.: 6.1
Pack Group: Ⅱ

Physical and chemical nature:
Odourless. White powder or crystal. Three crystal shapes: monoclinic crystal,cubic crystal and amorphous crystal. Among them, monoclinic crystal sublimates at 193℃,with a relative density of 4.15;of cubic crystal the relative density is 3.865;while amorphous crystal 3.738,has a melting point of 312.3℃.Arsenic trioxide dissolves a little in water and generates in to the relative acid. Monoclinic and cubic crystals dissolve in ethanol, acids and alkalis; amorphous crystal dissolves in acids and alkalis, but insolubilizes in ethanol,acids and alkalis;amorphous crystal dissolves in acids and alkalis,but insolubilizes in ethanol.The foreign matters contained in their industrial products are different, appearing subtle red, grey or yellow.
Used to refine the element arsenic. It is the material for the smelting of arsenic alloy and the manufacture of semiconductor. In the glass industry it is used as a clarificant and a decolorant to improve the translucency of glass products. In the leather industry it is used to make sodium nitrite, a leather preservative. In agriculture it is used as a disinfectant and a rust inhibitor for insect prevention, and also the material of other arsenic-containing pesticides. Otherwise, it is applied in the manufacture of dyes and paints, gas desulfurization, wood corrosion prevention, boiler scale prevention and the production of ceramic and enamel. Also used as a chemical reagent.
Quality standard:
Index Name Index
First Grade Second Grade Third Grade
As2O3 %≥ 99.0 97.0 93.0
Whiteness degree ≥ 70 55 30
Fineness,mesh(rate of passage≥98% 60 40 40

Package, storage and transportation:
Packed in a wood box lining with two layered firm paper containers or polyethylene plastic bags, binded with iron wires or sheets. The net weight per box is 50kg.On the package it should be clearly marked "deadly poisonous product".
It is an inorganic deadly poison, with a dangerous standard serial number:81008. It should be stored in an aeration-drying storehouse. The vessels must be sealed up and kept separate from edible materials, preserving it from damp air and leaking. It must be carefully supervised. After every use, all those present must change their clothes immediately, wash their hands thoroughly and avoid eating.
In case of fire, it can be put out by water and sandy loam.

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