sodium fluorosilicate,magnesium fluorosilicate
Packing Process

Sodium Fluorosilicate [ORDER]
Formulae: Na2SiF6
Molecular Weight: 188.06
UN. NO.: 2674
H.S. CODE:2826.2000
Physical chemistry properties: Colorless, odorless, poisonous and hygroscopic hexa-square crystal. Relative density is 2.679. either dissolvable substances, but undissolved in alcohol. Solubility is acid is larger than in water. Decomposed as fluoride and silicon oxide in alkali solution. Decomposed as Sodium fluoride and silicon fluoride over 300℃.
Usage: It can be used as white-adding reagent of porcelain enamel and glass, melt-supporting reagent, antiseptic of wood, insecticide in agriculture, moisture absorption reagent of acid tolerance cement, solidification matter of natural latex products, supplement of electrode posit trilateral of zinc-ferric nickel, filling substance of plastic. Also used in artificial cryolite, sodium fluoride production and medical industry and drinking water treatment.
Na2Sif6 (based on dried basis)
Dissociation acid (as HCl)
Heavy metal (as Pb)
Water undissolvable substance
Lost weight of 105℃ dried
Passing through 250/μm screen

Packing: 25 kgs /50kgs p.p woven bag within plastic film.

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