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Zinc Fluorosilicate  [ORDER]

Formula: ZnSiF6·6H2O
Molecular Weight: 315.54
UN: 2855
Hazard Class: 6.1
Properties:  It is colorless hexagon rhombus crystals or white crystal or white crystal powder with specific gravity of 2.104. It is easily soluble in water, soluble in inorganic acid, insoluble in alcohol, is decomposes by heating to 100℃ and produces silicon tetrafluoride (SiF4), water (H2O) and zinc fluoride (ZnF2). The pH of 1% aqueous solution is 3.2. It was toxic.
Usages:  It is used as quick hardener of concrete, preservative of timber, intensifier of plaster, treater after washing, mothproofing agent and catalyst for polyester fibre etc. It is used also in electrolysis bath for zinc.



Zinc fluorosilicate (ZnSiF6·6H2O)


Water-insoluble matter (ZnF6·SiO2)


Zinc sulphate (ZnSO4·7H2O)




Packing: 25kg packing with plastic bag lined woven sack.


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